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Sapele Power PLC partners Africa + Rain Cage Ltd

Africa + Rain Cage Ltd (A+RC), a subsidiary of Rain Cage Carbon Inc. (RCC), announces the world’s first renewable energy contract created from an entirely new power source – Advanced Carbon. Put together by pan-African advisory firm CLG (formerly Centurion Law Group), the agreement with Sapele Power PLC (SPP) aims to decarbonize its Nigerian power plant and provide 1,000 MW of renewable electricity.

RCC is a global cleantech firm which has developed a CO2 capture technology (The EDEN™ System) that removes many pollutants – including CO2 – from industrial emission streams. Rather than sequestering the compressed CO2 as is done in existing CCUS technologies, the captured CO2 is converted and refined into a proprietary Advanced Carbon.

This carbon is both graphitic and cathodic, meaning that electricity can be generated directly from it. Emissions captured from industrial sites – power plants, factories etc. – are harvested, converted into clean carbon, and used to generate 100% green power – an excellent example of circular economics.

The carbon forms the backbone of RCC’s DC Knight’s Charge™ generator, a continuous power generator that, unlike battery storage systems, needs no charging. It can be located in regions with limited or no grid connectivity, making it ideal for micro-grid deployments. Alternatively, it can provide clean power onto power grids around the world to support greener energy mix strategies from power plants.

“We are witnessing the birth of a new type of renewable energy, previously unavailable to the world” says Dwayne Dreger, the Global Managing Partner of RCC and Executive Chairman of A+RC. “Unlike solar and wind, the ‘always available’ nature of the Knight’s Charge DC units makes them a clean, reliable energy source for energy installations of all sizes. By converting fossil fuel emissions into renewable power, we may at last have discovered the key to energy transition by both reducing CO2 emissions and increasing available renewable power.”

Mrs. Heather Onoh, the Group Managing Director for SPP, emphasizes that this collaboration aligns with SPP’s fundamental values of providing power to Nigeria while embracing innovation and minimizing environmental impact. Through this strategic partnership, the advancement of the country will be fostered by providing dependable electricity to businesses and industries of various sizes and across all regions, enabling them to operate with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

President and CEO of A+RC, Tony Agbonkhese, shares his excitement about the strategic collaboration with Sapele Power PLC: “Not only can our technology generate a steady supply of electricity but can also reach customers in remote areas where power access was once unattainable, helping reduce energy poverty in Africa. This achievement will help facilitate the continued industrialization of the continent while simultaneously mitigating its adverse effects on the climate. This is crucial as we strive to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability.”

The project planning phase is set to commence in 2024, with the deployment scheduled to begin in 2025. The implementation will be carried out in two phases, with each having a capacity of 500 MW. The potential for expansion exists beyond the initial capacity of 1,000 MW, demonstrating Sapele’s readiness to adapt and grow in response to market demands, opportunities, and impact on the climate.

Sapele Power PLC
Sapele Power Plc (SPP) is a leading Nigerian integrated energy company specializing in power generation. SPP operates Nigeria’s second largest power plant by installed capacity of 1020MW; capable of meeting the energy needs of around 750,000 households at full capacity. With a strong focus on sustainable generation, SPP is continuously seeking to expand its generation network, as well as creating efficiencies and minimizing its environmental impact.

Rain Cage Carbon
Rain Cage Carbon (RCC) Inc. is at the forefront of decarbonization technology, dedicated to transforming CO2 and other emissions into valuable Advanced Carbon through its proprietary EDEN™ System, and renewable energy technologies. This innovative approach not only mitigates harmful emissions but also converts them into a resource with extensive applications in various industries, marking a significant step towards a sustainable and profitable environmental stewardship.

Africa + Rain Cage
Africa + Rain Cage (A+RC) Ltd, the Africa subsidiary of RCC, has a primary objective of forging partnerships with industries and government entities to establish impactful strategies for decarbonization. Our mission is to extend the presence of RCC’s groundbreaking technologies across the vast expanse of the African continent. Through close collaboration with diverse sectors, we aim to spearhead substantial progress in carbon emissions reduction and pave the way for a sustainable future for Africa.

CLG is one of the leading advisory firms in Africa. Headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa and with presence in 54 African Countries, CLG (formerly Centurion Law Group) is listed on the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange in Germany. The firm is at the forefront of superintending collaboration between foreign investors and stakeholders in key sectors of the African Economy.

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