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Techsocietal Partners NCC, TikTok On Online Safety for Kids

A Non Profit  Organisation, Techsocietal, the Nigeria  Communication Commission  (NCC) Internet Society  Nigeria and TikTok on Tuesday held workshop for parents and educators on online safety for children.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the workshop hosted by TechSocietal is to commemorate Safer Internet Day (SID) celebrated every second Tuesday in February

The Executive Director,  Techsocietal,  Tope Ogundipe said that the aim was to teach them how to engage digital safety conversations  with children.

Ogundipe said that the internet was the new playground, as such there were a lot of things that should be monitored.

She said one of such things was screen time because excessive screen time could be detrimental to children’s development.

‘’Kids are a priority,  according to NCC research, about 79  percent of Nigerian kids are not safe online.

‘’So it is very important that we continue to evolve the strategies, policies,  initiatives, and programs that will engage all stakeholders.

‘’We need to have a multi-stakeholders affair to this issues and drive it down to the grassroots with awareness and education about online safety for children,’’ Ogundipe said.

According to her, we should have conversations about contact risk, the thing that children come across online about people who contact them.c

She said that children should be aware of using privacy settings not to share information with strangers.

Ogundipe said that children should also be educated about their behaviour online and not to bully other kids and know who to talk to if they should see anything  that was funny online.

‘’We should empower them with tools and resources and how to keep themselves safe online and  we should not  stop them,” she said.

Ms. Ijeoma Bassey, Senior Manager,  NCC Zonal Office, Lagos said that NCC had organised a parenting workshop, and collaborated with NGOs and others for the dissemination  of Child Online Protection  (COP) materials.

Bassey said that NCC had also talked at Parents Teachers Association’s meeting on online protection of children.

She urged educators and parents to create a safe space for children; they should anticipate risk and they should be empowered to face the challenges.

According to her, educators, parents should be observant and engage children to ensure a healthy balance between fun activities online and fun activities offline.

Mr Adewolu Adene, Public Policy Manager, at Google, said that denial of access and shutting the gate of online activity of a child was not the answer to  a child’s online safety.

Adewolu said that rather education,  awareness and shared responsibility  would help in children’s  online  safety.

The Chief Executive Officer,  Data Science, Nigeria, Dr Olubayo Adekambi highlighted  seven  tools to ensure online safety for  children

Adekanmbi said that there were Comment filters, Account and Video Privacy, Screen time management, safety  Centre, reporting  inappropriate content   13+ functionalities and for you feed to check children.

He said that bad words could hurt a child’s esteem and TikTok hides, filters coukd determined what people could put on ones page to avoid bullying . (NAN)

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