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PETAN Advocate Deployment of Digital Technology to Safeguard Infrastructure

Following the recent incidents of oil spills and explosions on critical infrastructures in Nigeria, the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) has advocated the need to deploy digital technology as part of strategies to safeguard critical infrastructures and boost the Nigerian content in the oil and gas sector.

Nicholas Odinuwe, Chairman of PETAN on Wednesday stated that the Nigerian oil and gas industry has witnessed several attacks and incidents on critical infrastructures which are hindering the country’s industrial growth.

According to him, adopting digital technologies will address the problems of cyberattacks on critical infrastructures, oil spills, oil theft, and FPSO explosions.

“Due to the volatility of oil and gas operations, closing the digital gap would help safeguard the country’s key economic infrastructures from diverse attacks and incidents.

Commenting on the Petroleum Industry Act, Odinuwe noted that some sections of the PIA address the agitations and militancy issues around host communities.

He stressed that the application of the law and management of the allocated funds needs to be monitored to address the environmental impact of oil and gas operations in host communities.

“The provisions of the PIA should be carefully implemented. To drive it, there must be continued consultations with all stakeholders on gray areas and because the law is far-reaching in its remit and complex, our judiciary should be involved to help interpret, understand, and apply the law to ensure proper management of funds such as the Host Communities Development Trust Fund (HCDTF) and others to protect the rights of all parties involved.

“PETAN remains committed to our sustained role in the process till we are happy that the law guarantees sustainable prosperity,” he added.

Speaking on the sideline of the 2022 Sub-Sahara African International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (SAIPEC), PETAN Publicity Secretary, Lucky Akhiwu noted that rides on the shared values of Africa’s common heritage in aspiring for an African Economic Community through strengthening sectoral cooperation.

According to him, SAIPEC aims to drive regional integration by helping countries across the sub-region to close the gaps and overcome divisions that stunt its economic growth.

“PETAN is revolutionizing Nigerian Content through the encouragement of research and development (R&D) in all sectors, especially in our tertiary institutions.

“We are training Nigerian youths to build capacities to solve the industry and society’s challenges.

“We are enhancing the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-focused courses.

“We are helping to improve access to funding and developing technological innovations, mentorship, and development of home-grown solutions.”

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