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Google Unveils its First 5G Phones, Cuts Price on Base Pixel Model

Google’s first 5G-enabled phones, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, will be available later this year at a starting price of A$799 or N256,638.

The company also cut the starting price for its smartphone line-up with a non-5G version of 4a priced at A$599 or N192,318, looking to broaden its appeal among budget-conscious customers.

Like Apple, which launched a smaller iPhone priced at US$399 this April, Google’s budget-priced smartphone reflects reaching out to consumers who have been hit by the coronavirus-led economic downturn.

Google’s lower-priced devices have been top sellers, but are far from being major profit drivers.

Higher-priced devices have gained little traction versus those from industry leaders such as Samsung and Apple because of limited marketing and stiff competition.

Samsung is expected to unveil new flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy Note and a foldable phone, as well as expand sales of mid-tier models, aiming to fend off competition from China’s Huawei, which recently snatched the title of biggest smartphone seller in the second quarter.

Google’s non-5G Pixel 4a will start US$50 lower than what was previously the cheapest Pixel phone available, the 3a, which is being retired.

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