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Benin Moves to Prevent Crop Destruction …. constructs water troughs for animals in Savalou

Several automatic solar-powered water troughs with a capacity that ranges between 20,000 and 30,000 m³ are set to be constructed around the villages of Awiankanmè and Danmè in the commune of Savalou, Benin.

Solar Powered Water Trough in Savalou

The aim is to provide cattle herds in Savalou and its neighboring regions with water from a good source at all seasons around the year. Consequently, this will help settle the animals more especially during the drought period and prevent any possible crop destruction.

The construction of the solar water troughs is a part of the Sustainable Livelihoods Project (SLMP) which was launched back in 2018. The objective of the latter is to support resilient agriculture, build sustainable livelihoods, and integrate climate risk considerations into national and sub-national planning processes to reduce the vulnerability of communities to the adverse effects of climate change.

The SLMP covers 9 villages in 5 communes in the West African nation. These are Kpakpalaré and Kadolassi in the commune of Ouaké, Awiankanmè and Danmè in the commune of Savoulou, Agbodji and Sèhomi in the commune of Bopa, Sodohomè in the commune of Bohicon, and Kotan and Damè-Kpossou in the commune of Avrankou.

The Sustainable Livelihoods Project is driven by the Centre for Partnership and Expertise for Sustainable Development (Ceped) in Benin, with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as its technical and financial partners.

The project has already led to the construction of several intelligent infrastructures that have helped to relieve the population of the Republic of Benin, which depends hugely on the agricultural sector, from harsh climatic changes and helped them maintain their income at reasonable levels.

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